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At Pearl we are experts in solving problems of excess indebtedness, either through credit intermediation or renegotiation of credit conditions. In the development of our activity we have been confronted with numerous clients who are having bad experiences with financial consultants, so we would like to leave a set of alerts.

Do not Pay Credit Analysis Fees:

Do not Pay Credit Analysis Fees:

The demand for online credit usually takes an extensive set of customers to sites that promise easy credit with pre-approval on time. In this context, be aware that financial consultants do not have the power to approve or pre-approve credits on time. Pre-approval refers to the fulfillment of one or two criteria that may induce future credit approval. However, the definitive approval of credit is an extensive and meticulous process and can only be guaranteed by the financial institutions themselves, so it should not look at the pre-approval communicated as a given.

In the possession of the pre-approval information, several financial consultants charge analysis commissions to advance the process (typically a value between € 70- € 90). Unfortunately, most of these processes crash in the financial filters, not giving rise to the devolution of the cost of analysis. That is, the client delivers his money to a consultant and has no guarantee of success.

An alert: NEVER PAY ANALYSIS OR EVALUATION COMMITTEES. There are several companies that do not charge this commission and are paid only on success. With these companies, do not take that risk!

Contract Attention

If you want to proceed with the credit analysis process and in the event that you are asked for an analysis committee, ensure that there is a contract that regulates the relationship between you and the financial advisor.

When analyzing the contract, pay special attention to location (address) and contact data. In practice, many of these contracts have a section as their address. Thus, it will be impossible to locate the company and very difficult to file any complaint.


Browse Information About Us

Browse Information About Us

The internet allows immediate access to business data. On the sites you can see the main information and evaluate the credibility of the company. In fact, several forums talk about the risks and bad experiences of other clients, just a simple search. Make Internet search a habit and protect yourself from less serious businesses.

When talking about money we have to be very cautious: (1) seek credible advice (2) be skeptical and (3) use common sense. Three generic ideas / cautions that will surely improve your financial life.

If you are looking for a credit, be aware that our partners do not charge evaluation fees and always sign a contract that regulates your rights and duties. If you need any support or if you have had a bad experience send us your comments and know our solutions!


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